Toddler among dead in Oahu car crash

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We know car accidents can be horrific for those involved; if they are lucky, they suffer only minor injuries and mental trauma. For those less lucky, there is the pain of the immediate injuries suffered in the crash. But, depending on those injuries, they may face additional surgeries beyond the emergency department treatment they receive upon arriving at the hospital.

After the car accident, they may face additional surgeries to further repair the damage they suffered. Very likely, if their legs or arms were injured or broken, they may have to deal with physical and occupational therapy, to recover the abilities they once took for granted.

And they may also have to deal with reconstructive surgery to repair their appearance, which again, may require multiple trips to the operating room to rebuild their face and minimize scarring.

Of course, they may never fully recover all of their pre-accident abilities and they may live with a certain amount of residual pain every day for the rest of their life.

For those who are killed in car and truck accidents, we can only hope their suffering is minimal before they pass away. Nevertheless, for the living, both those who survive the accident and those who receive that dreadful call from the police or a hospital, they carry a pain that never goes away.

A family in Nanakuli experienced that horror the a few days before the New Year. A one-and a-half year old child was among the three fatalities in a head-on crash. And sadly, the crash appears to have been alcohol-related.

Family remarked on the sadness and senselessness of the deaths, of a future cut short.

Yet another reminder on why you should never drink and drive.

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