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October 2013 Archives

Halloween-a frightening holiday for drunk driving

Halloween is an exciting night for kids in Honolulu, as they dress up in costumes and run about through the neighborhood gathering candy and treats. They may be tempted to overindulge once they get home with their candy, and their parents may have to step in and restrict their intake, to prevent upset tummies and worse.

Patient's death sends doctor to prison for life

Doctors are highly trained and strictly regulated. We hold them to a very high standard of care because the consequence of their errors can be so extreme. The outcome from a misdiagnosis of cancer, where months of treatment are lost and the disease inexorably advances is very unlike that of a house painter, where a room is painted the wrong color.

FDA move to restrict popular pain medication

Pain relieving drugs are an important part of medical treatment. Whether to relieve temporary pain from surgery or other medical procedures, or to relieve chronic pain caused by an injury or deterioration of a patient's body, these drugs are literally salvation for millions. But pain killing drugs have a dark side, a very dark side that has been well known since the days of the opium dens.

'Operation Double Vision' targets dangerous contacts not alcohol

Halloween is just around the corner. A lot of Honolulu residents are putting the finishing touches on their costumes. When it comes to adult costumes, the details can get pretty creative. Changing the color of one’s eyes is often one of those extra additives that make a costume effectively creepy.

Falls are a real risk for many hospital patients

When it comes to medical malpractice, the stranger and more bizarre the facts, the more likely the story is to receive widespread news coverage. Scary, albeit microscopic bugs, are great, as they sound like something from a 1950s Sci-Fi movie. Flesh eating and antibiotic resistant bacteria play well, as do surgeons leaving utensils inside patients or amputating the wrong limb.

Will "Big Mother" watching make your teen safer?

The book 1984 contains the image of Big Brother, and the famous tag line, "Big Brother is watching you." When George Orwell wrote the book in the late 1940s, sophisticated surveillance technology was in its infancy. Today, with the internet, cell phones and GPS, we are all subject to greater scrutiny. For drivers there is concern over what data is collected by computers in their cars, with the potential that it could be used after a car accident to pin blame and assign liability.

Diet supplement appears to be tied to liver failure in Hawaii

American take many pills, vitamins and other diet supplements in a quest for better health, or just to feel better. It is always troubling when one of these dietary supplements is found to be ineffective, but it is very disturbing when one is found to be dangerous. This week, the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) asked store in Hawaii to participate in a “voluntary removal” of OxyELITE Pro from store shelves.

Why proper treatment matters for stroke victims

A stroke can be a devastating healthcare disaster for a person. The cutting of the flow of blood to a person's brain can leave them with significant medical problems for years, if it does not kill them outright. Because the stoppage of blood flow is typically localized to one side of the brain, it often leaves victims with diminished or no ability on one side of their body. The ability to speak and understand, see or move limbs on one side of their body may be severely compromised.

Court find simple is better

Insurance policies are contracts. In the world of contract law, one of the fundamental tenets of contract interpretation by courts is generally stated as the terms of the contract are to be interpreted by their plain meaning within the contract.