How the severity of an injury can affect your personal injury case

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When involved in an accident, determining the severity of an injury is a necessary part of your personal injury case. The extent of an injury can influence the amount of compensation received, the duration of the case and the overall outcome.

This raises the question, then, of how you can determine the severity of your injuries and what the results of those findings will be.

Understanding the impact of severe injuries

The American Society of Safety Professionals defines a severe injury as one that results in death, permanent disability, or absence from work for more than 30 days. Severe injuries can lead to substantial medical expenses and significant lifestyle changes. These injuries often require extensive medical treatments such as surgeries, physical therapy and ongoing medication. The costs associated with these treatments add up quickly, leading to higher compensation claims.

The role of medical evidence

The severity of an injury needs clear and detailed medical evidence. Doctors’ reports, X-rays and other medical documents provide proof of the injury’s extent. More severe injuries usually mean more medical documentation, which strengthens the case. Clear evidence of the injury’s impact on daily life helps in receiving fair compensation.

Comparing minor and severe injuries

Minor injuries, such as bruises or small cuts, typically lead to smaller compensation amounts. They usually require less medical treatment and shorter recovery times. On the other hand, severe injuries like broken bones, head trauma or spinal cord injuries lead to larger settlements due to the extensive medical care required.

The emotional impact

Severe injuries also bring emotional and psychological challenges. Anxiety, depression and stress often accompany physical pain. This emotional toll can influence the compensation sought, as the injured party may need psychological counseling or therapy.

The severity of an injury greatly influences the trajectory of a personal injury case. Understanding the difference between minor and severe injuries helps in navigating the complexities of personal injury cases.