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August 2013 Archives

Fatal rollover accident on Likelike highway leaves one man dead

One man died and a woman was seriously injured when their car went off the road on the Likelike highway last week. The crash occurred at approximately 3 a.m. and the vehicle appeared to have gone up an embankment and then flipped over. The man, the driver, was ejected from the vehicle and dead at the accident scene. The woman was apparently in the back seat and was asleep at the time of the crash.

Excessive drinking costs the U.S. $223.5 billion

The costs of drinking alcohol on the states are expensive. The costs of binge drinking are really expensive. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) looking at data from 2006 has determined that excessive drinking of alcohol costs the U.S. $223.5 billion. Excessive drinking costs Hawaii alone $821.5 million, with 40 percent of that cost being covered by the government and ultimately, by taxpayers.

No charges filed in deadly limo fire that killed 5 nurses

Limousines used to be limited to politicians and the rich and famous. Today, in Honolulu, limos have become standard for weddings, bachelor parties and even for teens going to the prom. While statistics indicate they are generally safe, a terrible exception occurred this May, when a limousine caught fire on a bridge near San Francisco and five nurses out celebrating were trapped in the vehicle and died in the fire.

The CPU gets its license to drive

Perspective can make virtually any number of deaths seem palatable. Using the benchmark of the early 1980s, we have made remarkable progress towards reducing highway traffic fatalities. From more than 50,000 people a year, in the last few years we have seen fatalities from motor vehicle accidents drop to an all time low, slightly above 30,000. Given we probably drive half a trillion more miles per year than 30 years ago, the accomplishment is all the more remarkable.

Research may allow communication with those in some comas

Car accidents can exert tremendous forces on the human body. The deceleration that occurs when two vehicles collide on a street in Hawaii, or run off the road and strike a tree or other object is staggering. While crumple zones, seat belts and air bags have greatly contributed to reducing the number of fatalities that result from car accidents, they can't reduce the shock the brain experiences when it moves within the head and strikes the skull.

Trampoline parks: fun until someone get hurt

You may not have heard of trampoline parks before, but they are a relatively new exercise and entertainment trend, typically consisting of a large warehouse-like buildings, which are filled with numerous types of trampolines, mats and areas where customers can jump and bounce. They are popular as locations for birthday parties for children. It seems like a great deal of fun and provides the benefits of athletic activity, but some states have moved to regulate these facilities as injuries have increased.

Pool drain accident almost claims Usher's son

Earlier this week, the son of entertainer Usher almost died in a swimming pool accident at a home Georgia. The five-year-old son was under the supervision of his great aunt and a housekeep when he was apparently caught by the suction created on the pool's drain.

Hit and run leave one dead, 11 injured in Venice

Authorities in Los Angeles are still attempting to figure out the reason behind the Saturday night tragedy on the Venice boardwalk that left one women, a newlywed from Italy, dead after a hit and run by a man who appeared to deliberately drive onto the boardwalk and strike pedestrians.

Trucking rule change hoped not to compromise safety

Modern commercial trucks are a wonder of engineering technology. Massive engines and sophisticated transmission permit them to pull astounding payloads. Computers monitor the operational efficiency of the engine and sophisticated braking systems allow them to stop safely. That is, assuming everything has been properly maintained and is competently operated by the truck driver.