Pool drain accident almost claims Usher’s son

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2013 | Premises Liability |

Earlier this week, the son of entertainer Usher almost died in a swimming pool accident at a home Georgia. The five-year-old son was under the supervision of his great aunt and a housekeep when he was apparently caught by the suction created on the pool’s drain.

The frantic great aunt call 911, but fortunately for the boy, two contractors working on the home’s sound system were able to free him. The one man performed CPR on the boy and when paramedics arrived, he was breathing.

Pools, whether at a park, resort or hotel or at a private residence present a great temptation to small children. Personal injury law describes pools as “attractive nuisances” and too often, a swimming pool can prove to be a deadly attraction for unsupervised children.

A swimming pool accident by drowning is not the only risk they pose. Even children who are good swimmers can fall victim to the danger of the suction from a pool drain. The 7-year-old granddaughter of former secretary of state James Baker was on a swim team when she was trapped by a drain and drowned.

These types of swimming pool accidents can be prevented by the installation of a domed drain cover that prevents a vacuum from being formed and trapping a child underwater. Single drain pools should also have a mechanical vacuum breaker.

The federal law only requires these safety devices to be installed on commercial pools, but as the incident with Usher’s son shows, every pool should be equiped with these safety devices.

Source: New York Daily News, “Pool drain accidents such as Usher’s son’s near-drowning incident can be prevented with proper safety measures,” Tracy Miller, August 8, 2013