Consider long-term costs of a brain injury before settling

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Car Accidents |

When someone sustains a brain injury due to a car accident, the financial implications can be substantial and long-lasting.

These costs can extend far beyond immediate medical bills, making it important not to accept the initial insurance settlement hastily.

Ongoing medical care

A brain injury can necessitate ongoing medical care, including rehabilitation, therapy and specialized medical equipment. Individuals might require physical, occupational and speech therapy to regain lost functions, all of which impact a family’s budget.

Loss of income

A brain injury can lead to a reduced capacity to work or even render a person unable to work at all. This loss of income can create a significant strain on finances, especially if the injured individual is the primary breadwinner for their family.

Emotional and psychological costs

Beyond the obvious financial aspects, a brain injury can take an emotional and psychological toll on both the injured individual and their loved ones. Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues can arise as a result of the injury, leading to additional medical expenses for therapy and treatment.

Unforeseen complications

Brain injuries can be complex, and complications might arise over time. Secondary health issues can emerge, requiring additional medical attention and increasing costs further.

In 2021, 546 Hawaii residents and visitors sustained serious injuries. When that injury involves trauma to the brain, it may mean a lifetime of financial instability. Accepting the initial insurance settlement might seem like a quick solution, but it might not cover the extensive expenses that can accumulate over the long term.