4 primary causes of rear-end collisions

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Rear-end collisions, where one vehicle collides with the back of another, are almost alarmingly common. In fact, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports there are as many as two million of these accidents every single year. 

If you are traveling to the Aloha State, you may have to drive on unfamiliar roadways. To boost your chances of avoiding a rear-end collision, you should understand why this type of accident typically occurs. Most rear-end crashes happen for just four simple reasons. 

1. Tailgating 

Tailgating is simply following too closely to avoid an accident. If you are behind another vehicle, you should apply the three-second rule. To do so, find a stationary object beside the road. Then, have a passenger check the time when both your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you pass the object. If the span is at least three seconds, you are probably not following too closely. 

2. Speeding 

No vehicle can stop on a dime. Still, the faster your car travels, the greater your stopping distance is likely to be. Therefore, to reduce your odds of having a rear-end collision, you should always maintain a reasonable speed. Adhering to posted speed limit signs is a good approach. Nonetheless, during inclement weather or heavy traffic, you may need to drive even slower. 

3. Distracted driving 

Like with many other states, Hawaii law prohibits distracted driving. Unfortunately, though, many motorists continue to pay insufficient attention to the driving task. While putting away your smartphone until you reach your destination is usually a good idea, you should be aware of other types of driving distractions. These include the following: 

  • Mental distractions 
  • Auditory distractions 
  • Visual distractions 
  • Manual distractions 

4. Driver impairment 

Hawaii has thousands of places to enjoy a beer or cocktail. If motorists have a blood alcohol concentration above the state’s 0.08% legal limit, though, they may inadvertently drive into the back of another vehicle. The same is true if drivers lack sufficient rest. 

While impaired driving is potentially criminal conduct, it can also put others in extreme danger. To stay safe on your dream vacation, committing to responsible driving is key.