Tips for staying safe when visiting Hawaii

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Visiting the beautiful islands of Hawaii is often a dream come true for many travelers, but vacation is not a time for people to let their guard down. In fact, vacationers are often more susceptible to injuries because they are not familiar with the area and may be enjoying new activities that come with risks.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority explains that there are some simple steps visitors can take to help keep them safe from common injuries on the islands.

Avoiding falls

The natural beauty of Hawaii makes a great backdrop for the perfect selfie, but it also puts visitors at risk for serious falls. People should stick to only designated trails and paths when exploring. If near a cliff, visitors should never go to the very edge as collapses can happen.

Preventing car accidents

As with other states, Hawaii requires the use of seat belts when in a motor vehicle. This not only is the law but also can provide protection in a crash. Child safety seats are a requirement for children under four years old and children up to age eight must be in a booster seat.

If visitors wish to view the island from a bicycle, then they need to wear a helmet if under the age of 16. The age limit for wearing helmets on motorcycles and scooters is anyone under 17.

Distracted driving is a serious offense, so Hawaii bans the use of handheld devices while behind the wheel, including when stopped at lights or signs.

Stopping problems in the water

It is essential when visiting the ocean that visitors pay attention to the instructions of lifeguards. The waters can be unpredictable and dangerous. Blowholes are a hazard that can cause injuries and death, so visitors should never stand over them. Finally, wet rocks are a good sign that the water level is high and visitors should move to areas where the land is dry so a sudden wave or undertow does not pull them out into the water unexpectedly.