4 steps for handling an injury out of state

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As a tourist heading to Hawaii, you want to know that you’re going to be able to receive medical treatment and other necessities in the case of an emergency. The good news is that Hawaii does have a great medical system, and there is plenty of help for people who get hurt. However, you still need to know what to do if you’re hurt while traveling on vacation.

Whether you’re on an island or just out of state, knowing what to do when you get hurt is important. Here are a few tips for getting the help you need and taking care of the situation.

1. Get medical help right away

Regardless of the situation, your health is the priority. You should go to the hospital or doctor as soon as you can after an injury. If you’re involved in a crash, accident on a beach or in another situation where an emergency team arrives, go to the hospital with them.

2. Keep information about the accident

The next important thing to do is to keep information about the accident on hand. You should retain receipts, medical bills, doctors’ notes and suggestions, witness information and insurance information from the at-fault party if you have it. You should keep addresses, phone numbers and other important information for your attorney, so they can use these things to help you with your claim.

3. Recognize that you’ll have to file a claim in most cases

You’ll likely have to file a claim, either through your own travel insurance or the other party’s insurance, after you get hurt. For this, you need all of the above information as well as insurance information, the name of the others involved and additional facts about what happened. If there is a police report, you’ll want to have that as well. Filing a claim through the other party’s insurance might be necessary if you don’t have insurance or if it won’t cover your current hospital stay.

4. Get in touch with your attorney

Claims between states can sometimes be complicated, and it’s important that you know exactly where you stand with bills being paid and your finances being taken care of. Your attorney can help you by focusing on getting the best settlement possible, so you can spend your time and effort on getting better. Recovery is the most important step in these cases, and with help, that’s what you can focus on.