4 motorcycle safety tips for bikers in Hawaii

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Motorcyclists face risks and dangers every time they take to the Honolulu roads, but considering the beautiful Hawaiian vistas and the sea in your hair, perhaps these risks are worth it. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t do everything in your power to minimize those risks.

There’s a great deal that motorcycle enthusiasts in Hawaii can do to reduce accident risks, so pay attention and keep reading.

4 tips you to incorporate in your motorcycle safety routine

What you find in the four motorcycle accident prevention tips that follow might just save your life one day:

  • Increase your visibility: It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing an orange vest, an electric pink riding jacket or you spend an extra $200 on the installation of a new, more visible headlight. Whatever you can do to make yourself bigger and more visible on the road is a must. This means: Select brighter and more visible clothing, jackets and helmets; turn your high beams on in the daytime; and pay more money for the latest in lighting technology.
  • Stick to the freeway: The less time you spend on city streets the better. Long stretches of highway are the best for predictable, safe riding.
  • Scan ahead and be attentive: Look ahead for cars that may not see you. These cars might be coming out of a parking lot to merge onto the roadway. They might be considering a left turn across traffic, and they could cross into your path. These cars might also be changing lanes and not notice you. The more attentive you are to the movement of traffic around you, the more likely you won’t get surprised.
  • Never drink and bike: It doesn’t matter if you just had one drink of beer or a half a drink of beer. Even the smallest quantities of “cerveza” can leave you with slower reaction times. A split second can mean the difference between life or death on a bike, so it’s always better to drink nonalcoholic beverages on biking day.

If you got into a motorcycle crash: You might be able to pursue compensation

Every motorcycle accident case is different, but if you were being careful and attentive and following the law — and you still got into a serious accident — you might want to investigate the cause of your crash. In some cases, when the negligence of another party caused a motorcyclist to get hurt, the injured biker can pursue financial restitution in court.