These distractions often lead to car accidents

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Many motor vehicle collisions in Hawaii and elsewhere are later found to have been entirely preventable. Car accidents caused by distracted drivers have the potential to cause serious injuries or death. Learning that a loved one has died in this manner, and that the death would likely have been prevented if the driver deemed at fault had been focused on the road, may add anger and frustration to a grief-stricken situation.

Some may be surprised by the types of distractions that lead many drivers to take their eyes off the road. Looking at themselves in rear-view mirrors, reading billboards and straining to see accidents that have already occurred on the road are some of the most frequently reported driving distractions nowadays. Several years ago, it was estimated that at least one in 20 people were using hand held cell phones while driving.

If a person survives injuries suffered in a crash, recovery may require an extended hospital stay and lots of time off work. This can result in substantial income loss that poses further hardship on a family. Medical bills, loss of wages and emotional pain and suffering are all types of damages that can be listed in personal injury claims to seek restitution from those deemed responsible.

There is no reason victims recovering from injuries suffered in car accidents caused by distracted drivers should be left holding the bag on financial losses associated with the incidents. Anyone facing such circumstances in Hawaii may seek support by contacting a personal injury attorney for guidance. Many times, an attorney can help an accident victim obtain maximum compensation for damages sustained.

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