Many holiday car accidents in Hawaii caused by road rage

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2016 | Car Accidents |

During the holidays, many children in Hawaii and elsewhere are on the lookout for Santa Claus. Those driving motor vehicles in the state have another concern during this busy time of the year — dangerous drivers acting with road rage. Car accidents increase during the holidays, and angry motorists are often the cause.

There are several signs that can alert drivers to the possibility of a road rage incident. Loud horn honking, vehicles traveling at excessive speeds and motorists yelling or flashing obscene gestures out the window are a few common red flags. It is impossible to know how these drivers will act. Many make sudden and sporadic lane changes and other erratic movements on the road that place themselves and all others nearby in great danger.

Collisions involved drivers fueled by road rage often involve multiple vehicles. Chain reaction crashes may occur when traffic is heavy, and one angry driver sets off a series of accidents. Injuries in these types of incidents are often very serious, if not fatal.

Victims who survive their injuries may face exorbitant costs in recovery. Time off work may also lead to a substantial loss of wages. There is no reason victims of road rage car accidents should have to pay the price for other drivers’  acts of recklessness. The law in Hawaii allows injured victims to file personal injury claims in civil court against any and all parties deemed responsible for their suffering. To begin the process, it is often helpful to discuss the situation with an experienced attorney in the area.

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