Some Hawaii car accidents investigated as homicides

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The aftermaths of fatal automobile collisions in Hawaii often include negligent homicide investigations. When car accidents result in serious injuries or death to children, grief experienced by the loved ones of victims is often intensified. Whether police file charges against a driver believed responsible for an accident or not, immediate family members of a deceased victim may pursue justice by filing a wrongful death claim in a civil court.

There was a tragedy on a recent Wednesday afternoon that has brought great sorrow to the family of a 10-year-old girl. The little girl is said to have always enjoyed walking home from school. On this particular day, her cousin saw her coming from a distance and announced her impending arrival to the rest of her family.

The family owned a store in town, and the girl’s mother and other relatives stepped out front so that they would be there to greet the girl when she arrived. As the family gathered, they saw the girl across the street. What happened next changed their lives, forever.

As the girl began to cross the street, a pickup truck reportedly slammed into her. In their shock and horror, family members raced out into the road to help the child. Her mother later said it was immediately apparent that there was nothing they could do to help because the little girl was already dead.

When Hawaii police responded to the scene, they arrested the 61-year-old driver on suspicion of negligent homicide. In car accidents where formal charges are filed, evidence of such can add weight to any civil claim a victim’s immediate family member may choose to pursue. Typically, it is best to discuss such intentions with an experienced personal injury lawyer before taking any formal action in court.

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