Recent incident proof that dog bites may lead to charges

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A property owner in Hawaii or any other state is obligated to make every reasonable effort to keep visitors to the property safe. When dog bites or other injuries occur on site, an owner may be held accountable for premises liability, if the situation warrants it. Such incidents often lead to charges being filed against property owners, as was the case following a recent incident in another state where a man was bitten by a dog in another man’s yard.

The 56-year-old property owner has been charged for an apparent rabies violation. The incident reportedly unfolded when a woman was on or near the man’s property. Three of his dogs allegedly surrounded her and were barking. At some point, one of the dogs is said to have bitten the woman’s leg.

Officers say the man told them the dog’s rabies records were current. However, the man was unable to show documented proof to support that statement. The dog in question was not wearing any rabies tags. Authorities say they contacted the animal clinic, obtaining proof that the dog’s rabies vaccination had expired approximately five years ago.

The local animal rescue league in Iowa subjected the dog to a mandatory 10-day quarantine following the bite incident. Dog bites can become infected and may cause serious injury or illness to victims. Any person who has been attacked by a dog or other animal on private property in Hawaii may research the process of filing a premises liability claim by contacting a personal injury attorney in the area.

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