One of the possibly defective products blew up in a man’s pocket

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Advanced technology helps many people in Hawaii and throughout the world communicate on personal and professional levels more quickly and conveniently than ever. New products are often launched, with advertisements trying to convince consumers they can’t live without the latest, greatest gadgets. Sometimes, however, defective products get into the hands of consumers. One man has actually filed a lawsuit, claiming his Galaxy Note 7 exploded in his pocket.

Samsung Electronics is the defendant named in the recently filed claim. Some say the lawsuit is the first of its kind ever in the United States. The man who filed the claim says a battery defect caused his phone to blow up in the front pocket of his pants and severely burn his leg. The 28-year-old man said he was shopping in a Costco store when the Galaxy Note 7 he was carrying in his pocket exploded. 

It appears the plaintiff in the recently filed lawsuit is not the only person who has been harmed from these possibly defective products. Nearly 100 reports have been filed, documenting other incidents where batteries have overheated, property has been damaged, and at least 26 other people have been injured. In fact, Samsung has actually recalled at least one million of their Galaxy Note 7 products sold in the United States.

As far as the plaintiff in this case, not only did he suffer leg burns, he also burned his thumb because his instinctive reaction was to reach inside his pocket to try to remove the burning phone. Reportedly, the burn on his leg is second-degree and is approximately the same size as the phone. Although this man was in another state when his injury occurred, there may be others in Hawaii who have suffered similar injuries from other defective products. If so, they may contact an experienced personal injury attorney if they wish to discuss seeking accountability against parties deemed potentially liable.

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