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August 2016 Archives

Complications may arise after single car accidents

It is widely known that driving at excessive speeds can lead to devastating vehicle crashes. This is as true in Hawaii as it is in any other location. Whether car accidents involve multiple vehicles or only one, the potential for fatalities increases along with rate at which the vehicle was traveling. Such seems to have been the case in a recent accident that resulted in two fatalities.

Guidance may be needed in defective products litigation

Consumers in Hawaii are among thousands injured each year through use of poorly designed or otherwise faulty products. A manufacturer or distributor who knowingly places defective products into the hands of consumers may be held accountable when those who use such products become ill, injured or, in worst cases, die. In situations involving the latter, an immediate family member may act on behalf of a decedent to pursue justice in court.

Woman claims medical malpractice cause of patient's death

When a person is entrusted to the care of medical professionals at a nursing facility in Hawaii, his or her family members have the right to reasonably assume that all care and treatment provided will be offered according to the highest levels of accepted safety standards. Medical malpractice is cited as a probable cause of death in many situations throughout the state each year. Residents in other states are also dealing with such issues, as evidenced by a lawsuit recently filed in a circuit court in another jurisdiction.

Veteran says misdiagnosis due to medical malpractice

A United States veteran of foreign war who lives outside Hawaii has alleged wrongdoing against the Veterans Administration. The serviceman was injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom and says that an intern at the VA made a misdiagnosis that has possibly delayed his recovery. The man apparently suffers from traumatic brain injury but only discovered that after seeking a second opinion on his own.

Surgeon accused of negligence in heart surgery patient's death

Hawaii hospitals and other facilities across the nation are filled with patients who are either scheduled for surgeries or have just undergone surgical procedures. Many patients have no say about which surgeon will perform their operations due to insurance policies. When tragedies occur because of medical negligence, families often wonder where to turn for help.

Car accidents continue to occur on islands of Hawaii

It is highly unlikely that Hawaii roads will ever be completely free of collisions. Where there is traffic, there are car accidents, many of which result in serious injuries or death. One such tragedy recently occurred that involved a stolen vehicle, multiple fatalities, and critical injuries to a survivor.

Jury finds in favor of medical malpractice plaintiff

Courtrooms in Hawaii and elsewhere across the nation are often filled with people who filed personal injury claims against doctors and hospitals who failed in their duties to provide reasonably safe and acceptable care. One woman's recent medical malpractice case was successfully litigated after she alleged that hospital advertising led to her serious injury. The situation involved natural childbirth.

Verdict awarded regarding defective products

Those in Hawaii and others who use commercial products are able to reasonably assume that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure their safety. Many defective products have caused injury, illness or even death. In such situations, those who have suffered may seek justice by filing product liability claims in civil court.

Addressing burden of proof in Hawaii medical malpractice cases

Many Hawaii medical patients entrust themselves to the skill, experience, knowledge and care of physicians, nurses, practitioners and other medical staff members in facilities throughout the state every day. Most understand that health care providers are merely human beings that are capable of making mistakes. However, when a patient suffers injury, illness or death because of negligence, it may lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit.