Suspected reckless drivers may have caused crash in Hawaii

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Both alcohol and speed are thought to have been causal factors in a recent Hawaii collision that resulted in one fatality and injuries to several others. One person now faces criminal charges following the collision. State law allows those who suffer injury due to reckless drivers to seek accountability against anyone deemed responsible by filing personal injury claims in civil court.

The recent tragedy occurred on a Friday morning. Apparently, six teenagers were involved in the crash. It was not long after midnight when one of two vehicles reportedly struck a light pole, causing the car to overturn. An 18-year-old male who was allegedly behind the wheel at the time was taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

A second vehicle was also involved in the tragic accident. The 18-year-old driver of that car appears to have lost steering control, driving straight off a nearby cliff. One of the passengers, age 15, was ejected from the vehicle. Sadly, that person did not survive his injuries.

Two other teenagers traveling in that same car were also injured and taken to the hospital for urgent care. One of them was listed in a non-life threatening condition; the other had to be airlifted to the medical center for treatment. The girl who was driving the second vehicle was arrested and charged with negligent homicide and two counts of negligent injury. Anyone in Hawaii who has been injured or has lost a loved one because of reckless drivers may pursue justice by contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer in the area to discuss the possibility of filing a claim against any and all parties believed responsible for the incident.

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