Hawaii car accidents often lead to thorough investigations

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The exact cause of a motor vehicle accident in Hawaii is not always immediately apparent. Many car accidents lead to extensive investigations in order to determine who may be at fault and whether any extenuating circumstances existed at the time a collision occurred. A recent incident involved two vehicles; sadly, the accident resulted in a single fatality.

It is not yet known what may have caused the moped and other vehicle to collide. It seems the moped driver was traveling along the street, and the other motorist was backing a vehicle out of a nearby driveway. The two crashed into each other, killing the moped operator. The 43-year-old deceased victim is one among 26 other fatal accidents in the state this year.

The person behind the wheel of the vehicle that was backing up reportedly did not suffer any injury in the crash. Officials have noted that it was raining when the accident occurred. It has not yet been determined, however, whether alcohol or other additional factors contributed to the cause of the tragic accident.

In many car accidents in Hawaii, after surviving family members determine that negligent motorists were responsible for loved ones’ deaths, justice has been sought through the court system by filing wrongful death claims against the party or parties believed to have caused the collisions. Successful litigation often provides debt relief for families in the aftermaths of such tragedies. Many were not prepared to meet the costs of funeral expenses or medical bills; others have struggled financially from loss of wages after a crash.

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