Defective products can sometimes be traced to harmful ingredients

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2016 | Product Liability |

In Hawaii and throughout the nation, consumers must always be on alert for potentially harmful ingredients in the products they use. Defective products often involve ingredients that have been misrepresented by manufacturers. For example, a woman in another state is seeking certification for a class-action lawsuit pertaining to wing sauce that she says was misrepresented as an all natural product.

The woman says she purchased the sauce, believing it contained only natural ingredients, according to its packaging. She says she suffered injury and is requesting that the manufacturing company be held liable. Apparently, there are at least two ingredients in the product that are synthetically made.

The woman has asked for a jury trial, asserting that the company is guilty of false advertising. She is upset that she was exposed to potentially harmful ingredients and says she only used the product because she thought it contained only natural ingredients. She claims to have suffered injury due to the manufacturer’s alleged deceit, resulting in her sustaining monetary damages. 

Defective products cause many injuries and illnesses in Hawaii and elsewhere each year. Consumers need not be left unaided in such circumstances. The law allows them to file product liability claims against any party or parties deemed responsible in order to seek maximum monetary recovery for their losses. Often, such situations also lead to changes in laws and regulations so that consumers are better protected from potentially harmful products in the future. The first logical step to take in the process is often accomplished through consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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