Doctor accused of medical malpractice by violating patients

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Whether in a hospital in Hawaii or elsewhere throughout the nation, anyone undergoing a surgical procedure has the reasonable to right to assume that the physician overseeing the surgery has the safety and best interests of the patient at heart. There is a certain amount of trust involved when placing oneself in the care of a physician. When that trust is violated through medical malpractice, a patient may feel betrayed, frustrated and angry.

The law protects anyone who has suffered injury because of a doctor’s negligence. By filing a lawsuit, an injured patient can seek full recovery of all losses associated with the incident. One woman filed a claim recently against a doctor (and the hospital where he was employed) for alleged sexual assault and other negligent acts.

Apparently, it is not the first time such allegations were made against this particular physician. He is facing at least 26 felony counts in relation to other supposed acts of sexual misconduct against various patients. The woman who filed the civil claim stated that she believes the doctor sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious due to anesthesia during a medical procedure. She also stated that the doctor entered her private recovery room at least three times, unaccompanied, and performed a vaginal exam on her saying that he needed to check a rash on her body. The woman later told the doctor that she checked her own body and there was no such rash.

Medical malpractice in Hawaii is a serious issue. Filing a lawsuit is one way to seek compensation for any damages suffered due to substandard medical care. Law enforcement agents may file criminal charges against a doctor if the situation warrants it, which could help confirm an injury alleged in a civil claim.

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