Mistakes in Hawaii emergency rooms can result patient injury

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Hawaiian patients who enter hospital emergency rooms for care are often seeking urgent help for situations of which they may be unsure. They depend on the skills and knowledge of medical staff members to accurately assess their conditions and offer appropriate treatment whenever possible. Mistakes made by doctors or other staff members in an emergency room can result in injury to a patient that can have long-lasting and disabling effects.

A recent settlement of $5 million was reached in a situation involving a 64-year-old woman who apparently suffered brain damage after receiving medical treatment in a hospital emergency room in May 2011. The woman apparently entered the ER with complaints about suffering from weakness and confusion. It appears that she may have had a seizure while there, as well.

Tests administered by ER staff allegedly showed that the woman’s sodium serum level was very low. For the next two days, doctors administered a sodium solution as therapy and treatment for the condition. About a week later, the woman was transferred to another facility where it became apparent that she had suffered a brain injury that causes nerve impulse damage.

It is claimed that her brain injury was caused by the sudden administration of the sodium solution. Her condition necessitated nursing home care for an extended period of time, after which she returned home; however, she still suffers limitations in the use of her hands and legs. The defendants settled out of court in this particular case. Those in Hawaii who suffer in similar situations involving emergency room mistakes may seek counsel regarding possible legal claims by contacting a medical malpractice attorney.

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