A single surgical error can cause serious complications

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Doctor negligence and surgical mistakes remain an ongoing concern in Hawaii hospitals and others throughout the nation. A single surgical error can cause serious complications, including severe injury or illness to a patient. In worst cases, patients have died because of a surgeon’s error, leaving loved ones in a state of shock and grief, especially when a surgery was considered a minor and simple procedure.

It is understood that any type of surgery includes an inherent risk and potential for complications to arise. However, a patient can expect that in such circumstances a surgeon and medical team will do all that is necessary to rectify the situation and act in accordance with the highest level of safety standards available to the patient. When surgeons are negligent, patients often suffer.

A man in Illinois recently underwent what was supposed to be a standard procedure for gallbladder removal. The surgery apparently did not go as planned due to an error on the doctor’s part. He seems to have severed the patients bile duct during the operation and failed to repair it as would be the standard protocol in such circumstances.

Bile duct injuries during gallbladder surgery can result in a blockage or leakage of bile into the abdomen. The patient in this case required several surgeries after-the-fact to repair the damage that was done. He has filed a lawsuit against the surgeon, seeking more than $50,000 in compensation for damages that include both physical and emotional suffering. Any Hawaii medical patient who has suffered similarly due to surgical error can address the situation through the legal process by filing a claim in a civil court.

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