Medical malpractice incident outside Hawaii reaches settlement

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2015 | Medical Malpractice |

Two people who filed a lawsuit in 2014 are said to have recently received a favorable settlement. The legal claim had been filed against a 40-year-old doctor and his former practice. The defendant’s alleged medical malpractice was said to have resulted in one of the two plaintiffs suffering permanent nerve damage in her leg after surgery which took place at hospital outside Hawaii.

The doctor reportedly performed a hip replacement surgery on a woman in Jan. 2014. In addition to being identified as a potential liable source for the injuries the woman suffered in surgery, the physician was also accused of tampering with the woman’s personal medical records. The same doctor is scheduled for arraignment in another case that involves allegations of sexual improprieties that he allegedly committed against more than one female patient.

In addition to the accusations of sexual misbehavior at one office, the doctor has also been accused of similar incidents at another office. He is currently not practicing medicine in light of the multiple cases pending against him. In the orthopedic medical malpractice case regarding the woman’s damaged leg, the doctor is said to have settled for an undisclosed amount.

Medical malpractice remains an ongoing problem in Hawaii. Those adversely affected by incidents similar to those mentioned above ae entitled to pursue legal action in a civil court. Patients who have questions or are considering filing such claims may first wish to seek consultation with experienced legal professionals regarding such matters. It is advisable to act under the guidance of a personal legal advocate when seeking compensation for damages in court.

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