Reckless drivers pose danger to Hawaii pedestrians

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2015 | Car Accidents |

A tragedy occurred in Hawaii on a recent Wednesday that resulted in the loss of one life. It is a known fact that reckless drivers pose a grave hazard to other motorists, as well as to pedestrians. Such might have been the case in the recent incident where excessive motor vehicle speed is suspected to have been a leading factor.

It was approximately 10 p.m. when a 63-year-old man was navigating a marked crosswalk in front of a Kmart store. Heading westbound on the road adjacent to the crosswalk was a pickup truck. According to police, the driver of the pickup seems to have been traveling at excessive speeds.

His vehicle allegedly struck the pedestrian in the crosswalk. The man suffered critical injuries and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for emergency care. Sadly, he later succumbed to his injuries. No details on the pickup truck driver’s condition were given.

Reckless drivers can cause pedestrians or other motorists to suffer severe bodily harm when an accident occurs due to their negligence. In such cases, Hawaii law protects a surviving victim with the right to file a personal injury claim in a civil court. When a person involved in an accident does not survive his or her injuries, an immediate family member is able to act on his or her behalf in court. A successfully litigated case could provide compensation that a grieving family could use to help pay funeral costs or alleviate other expenses associated with the accident, such as medical bills from care rendered before a victim’s death.

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