Grieving woman files lawsuit, accuses nursing home of negligence

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In a state outside Hawaii, a woman, who is the administrator of a deceased man’s estate, has filed a lawsuit stating that the nursing home where her elderly relative had resided is to blame for his death. The legal claim asserts that the man suffered from several serious health conditions prior to his death. Also, according to the claim, negligence on the part of nursing home staff led to his health complications and, ultimately, his death.

The decedent was a resident at the nursing home from the beginning of October to the end of Nov. 2013. On several occasions, he was reportedly admitted to the hospital. Among the many serious health issues from which the man apparently suffered during his time of residence at the nursing home was sepsis, respiratory failure, malnutrition and dehydration. The woman who has filed the lawsuit claims that these and other medical and mental conditions were caused by the substandard care he received from staff members at the nursing home.

The man died on Nov. 29, 2013. The lawsuit was filed in Sept. 2015. The plaintiff is seeking more than $50,000 in damages and court fees. In such cases, a compensatory award can not replace the loss of an immediate family member’s life, but it can be used to help absorb some of the costs associated with the events leading to the death.

In Hawaii, any person who believes that his or her loved one has died as a result of nursing home negligence is able to file a legal claim in a civil court against any and all parties deemed liable. To begin the process, it would be logical to request a consultation with an experienced personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer in the area. He or she would be able to investigate the incidents leading up to the family member’s death and offer guidance about how best to proceed in court.

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