Woman claims doctor negligence, doctor files for dismissal

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In Hawaii and across the nation, a medical patient under the care of professional medical staff members has the right to reasonably assume that he or she will be provided safe health care according to the highest levels of professional standards. In some instances, a patient becomes ill or is injured due to substandard care. Such circumstances sometimes result in a medical malpractice lawsuit being filed against the party or parties deemed responsible for doctor negligence.

In a recent case in another state, a woman has filed a lawsuit against two doctors, a radiology association and a medical group. The woman claims that she went to the emergency room in need of a lumbar MRI but was denied one by medical staff, who apparently claimed that they must have an order from her doctor to perform the test. The woman had been in excruciating lower back pain that prohibited her from walking. She also asserts that she had experienced numbness from her feet up to her back.

The woman reportedly went back to one of the doctors several days later, still in pain. He is said to have prescribed pain medication and ordered an MRI but never discussed the results with her. Instead, he increased the dosage of pain medication. Ultimately, the woman claims that she saw a neurosurgeon who reviewed the MRI and performed immediate emergency surgery for an epidural abscess in the lumbar area of her back.

In response to the lawsuit, the defendants have filed formal request asking the court to dismiss the woman’s medical malpractice case. Any medical patient in Hawaii who believes that doctor negligence has led to his or her injury or illness has the right to seek legal consultation in the matter. In a successfully litigated claim, compensation awarded could be used to help offset medical costs or other expenses incurred during and in the aftermath of an injury or illness.

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