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August 2015 Archives

Some Hawaiian car accidents are alcohol-related

A community in Hawaii is grieving the loss of several of its young citizens after a recent tragedy. The tragic crash involved a single vehicle that was carrying four occupants. The collision resulted in more than one fatality and also several injured victims. Reports indicate that there have been 56 deaths in Oahu car accidents, thus far, in 2015.

Woman claims doctor negligence, doctor files for dismissal

In Hawaii and across the nation, a medical patient under the care of professional medical staff members has the right to reasonably assume that he or she will be provided safe health care according to the highest levels of professional standards. In some instances, a patient becomes ill or is injured due to substandard care. Such circumstances sometimes result in a medical malpractice lawsuit being filed against the party or parties deemed responsible for doctor negligence.

Defective products sometimes lead to liability lawsuits in Hawaii

When a consumer is injured or killed through the normal usage of a purchased product, there may be grounds for litigation. Defective products continue to cause injury and illness to consumers in Hawaii and across the nation. It might comfort those facing such circumstances to know that there are legal professionals available who have represented clients in similar cases.

Alcohol suspected factor in some Hawaii car accidents

A grandmother has been left grieving after a motor vehicle tragedy in Hawaii. Alcohol is a leading factor in some car accidents, and the recent incident appears to be one of those times. One life was lost in the crash, and four others suffered serious injuries.

Finding legal help in the aftermath of car accidents in Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii are among the tourist capitals of the world. Those residing in the state, as well as those who visit, do not typically anticipate their pleasant experiences being disrupted by car accidents. Because some ventures onto the roadways do result in collisions, it is good to know where to turn for legal help, if needed.

Guns in Hawaii might be among defective products

A recent lawsuit was filed by a man who claims that a defective firearm caused him injury. Residents of Hawaii might wish to take note of the defective products case in order to determine if they own a similar firearm. The case pertains to alleged defects in the trigger and safety mechanism of the gun.

Defective products could lead to legal action for those in Hawaii

Many people in Hawaii and elsewhere have been injured or killed after using seemingly safe products that later proved to be defective in some way. Defective products might have been poorly designed, or a mistake in manufacturing might cause a malfunction that places a consumer at risk under the normal use of the products. When a manufacturer or vendor is shown to have known about an existing defect, but allowed the products to be placed into the hands of consumers, it can be held liable for its actions in a civil court should those adversely affected choose  to pursue legal action.

Car accidents in Hawaii sometimes result in loss of life

A tragedy occurred on a Hawaii roadway involving two vehicles. Car accidents that result in fatalities often leave families and communities grieving the loss of their loved ones. The collision in this case brought police to the scene shortly after midnight on a recent Monday.