Some defective products in Hawaii may lack FDA approval

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2015 | Product Liability |

When a child is suffering from a physical ailment, his or her parents usually attempt to provide adequate care so as to enable a swift and full recovery. This sometimes includes seeking medical help or using various forms of medication or commercial products in order to relieve suffering or promote healing. A recent article mentioned the risk of using potentially defective products that have not been approved by the Federal Drug Administration. Hawaii parents may want to take note of information provided therein.

In recent times, it has been mentioned that some parents have purchased and used prescription drugs to treat their child’s ear infection. Further information provided suggests that there are as many as 16 prescription drugs currently on the market that have not been approved by the FDA. Though many of the medications include powerful active ingredients, they have not been tested for quality and safety.

Apparently, many of these products lack labeling to inform the consumer that the product has not been tested or approved by the FDA. The agency has issued statements saying that unapproved products pose a significant public safety hazard. Further statements suggest that children being treated for infections in their ears are at especially high risks for potential adverse effects from such products.

Reports have been filed with the Federal Drug Administration claiming that unapproved products have caused allergic reactions in some people who have used them. Those who are injured or made ill by defective products that have been purchased in the state of Hawaii may have recourse to file a legal claim against liable parties. A first logical step to take in the process would be to consult a personal injury lawyer for advice.

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