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July 2015 Archives

Victims can seek recovery costs after dog bites in Hawaii

Many people in Hawaii and elsewhere own pets, some considering the animals members of their own families. While owning and caring for pets can be a rewarding experience, things can go wrong when people suffer dog bites or attacks from other animals that belong to neighbors, friends or strangers. A recent article discussed a problem regarding an increase of dog bites during summer months.

Deceased man's grandmother files negligence lawsuit on his behalf

A recent case in a state outside Hawaii involves a diagnostic procedure apparently gone wrong, according to a woman who has filed a lawsuit in relation to the incident. She has claimed negligence against a medical center and several doctors in a judicial district court. According to the woman, she is the closest surviving family member of the man who died after being in the care of the defendants in the case.

Hawaii patients could be at risk due to medical negligence

A recent study was conducted in a hospital outside Hawaii that suggested that many of the medical professionals involved failed to follow safety protocol regarding the proper procedures for removing protective garments. As this could cause a potential risk and health hazard to patients, Hawaii residents might wish to take note of the study for the purpose of researching similar protocol in their area hospitals. The American Journal of Infection Control published study results indicating that as few as one out of six medical professionals observed followed appropriate safety precautions when removing protective garments, which might be deemed as negligence in some cases.

Some Hawaii car accidents involve children of minor ages

An incident occurred in the parking lot of a veterans' memorial center on a recent Saturday in Hawaii. A car accident involving a pedestrian and two vehicles left one person severely injured. Car accidents such as this one sometimes involve children of minor ages.

Happy nurses in Hawaii mean fewer cases of medical malpractice

Many medical patients in Hawaii have daily interaction with various staff members, including nurses. A recent study suggested that there is a correlation between a nurse's satisfaction in the workplace, the facility's mortality rate and the overall outcome of patient care. The results were recently shared in a health care publication. Patients might want to consider whether there is a correlation between medical malpractice and nursing satisfaction in the workplace.

Car accidents in Hawaii sometimes lead to extended traffic delays

Travelers on a freeway in Hawaii experienced delays lasting approximately three hours after a recent multiple-vehicle accident. Reports indicate that as many as eight people were injured in the recent collision. Car accidents involving several vehicles often necessitate combined efforts on the part of emergency medical rescue workers and area hospitals in order to attend to a large number of injured victims.

Some defective products in Hawaii may lack FDA approval

When a child is suffering from a physical ailment, his or her parents usually attempt to provide adequate care so as to enable a swift and full recovery. This sometimes includes seeking medical help or using various forms of medication or commercial products in order to relieve suffering or promote healing. A recent article mentioned the risk of using potentially defective products that have not been approved by the Federal Drug Administration. Hawaii parents may want to take note of information provided therein.

Medical malpractice laws vary in Hawaii and other states

A person undergoing medical care has the right to reasonably assume that physicians, clinicians, nurses and other health care workers will conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the highest levels of protection for patient safety. When medical error results in injury or illness to a Hawaii patient, he or she has the right to file a medical malpractice claim against those deemed at-fault under the circumstances. Laws pertaining to malpractice issues vary from state to state.

2 car accidents within moments of each other in Hawaii

Hawaii roadways were the sites of two separate motor vehicle crashes that took place just a few miles apart from one another. Both car accidents are believed to have been caused by the same driver. The result of the collisions was the loss of one life and serious injuries to another.

Car accidents sometimes involve pedestrians in Hawaii

When a pedestrian is navigating his or her way through a crosswalk, he or she has the right to reasonably assume that any nearby motorists will take precautions to ensure his or her safety. A recent case in Hawaii resulted in the loss of life when a pedestrian was struck and killed in a crosswalk. The tragedy began with another car accident involving two vehicles. Both car accidents happened within a short time of each other.