Hawaii truck accidents can lead to insurance complications

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

Accidents in Hawaii sometimes involve pedestrians, automobiles, bicyclists or big rig trucks. Truck accidents sometimes lead to complicated issues involving insurance or liability due to the commercial nature of some tractor-trailers on the road. When a person becomes a victim of a truck accident, he or she may have need of professional legal advice. Consultation with a competent legal team can help a person determine whether he or she wishes to file a personal injury claim in a civil court when injuries have been caused by an operator of a tractor-trailer.

Many big rigs operate under strict regulations and rules pertaining to the size and weight of a load being hauled and the frequency of vehicle inspections, as well as the amount of consecutive hours a truck operator may stay on the road and the training and licensing a commercial truck driver has acquired. Attorneys at Cronin, Fried, Sekiya, Kekina & Fairbanks have experience in representing those who have become victims in tractor-trailer collisions. Many times, a life can be forever altered as a result of a vehicular crash and knowing that one is able to seek compensation for damages can bring comfort to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one or have been injured themselves.

Catastrophic injuries that result from a tractor-trailer collision can lead to a devastating loss of wages, as well as a need for ongoing medical care that causes serious financial debt. Financial stress incurred is sometimes further exacerbated by costs involved in psychological therapy, personal care assistance or housecleaning services that might be needed when a victim has become mentally or physically incapacitated due to his or her injuries. Families who suffer the death of a loved one in an accident are sometimes not able to cover funeral expenses or medical costs for care their loved one was given before death.

Cronin, Fried, Sekiya, Kekina & Fairbanks are committed to helping their clients aggressively pursue compensation for damages they have suffered in truck accidents. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping Hawaii residents protect their legal rights and interests when they or loved ones have been victims of truck accidents. We have experience in personal injury cases associated with big rig collisions and are equipped to help you prepare and present your case in court.