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February 2015 Archives

Speed possible factor for reckless drivers in Hawaii

A northbound drive on a Hawaii highway resulted in a horrific tragedy on a recent Saturday morning. Reckless drivers are often accused of speeding, and that seems to be the case in this accident. The crash resulted in the deaths of three young adults while several others suffered injuries requiring medical care.

Defective products potential harm for Hawaii firefighters, others

Firefighters face a significant degree of risk and danger each time they respond to a fire alarm. One fireman outside the state of Hawaii pursued a defective products claim after being severely injured in a 2007 fire. Already a veteran of foreign war, the man's family said they did not expect that his job as a civilian would end up being more dangerous than his military combat service.

Memorial funds help some whose loved ones die in car accidents

Taking a daily walk or jog is a popular form of exercise. Unfortunately, when a pedestrian's path is shared by traffic, tragedies sometimes occur. Car accidents, such as a recent one in Hawaii, can turn a family's life upside down in an instant. Many times, the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one can bring about undue financial stress, in addition to the grief and sorrow already suffered by surviving family members. Aside from setting up memorial funds to assist spouses and children of the deceased, some family members might decide to pursue litigation in civil courts if the drivers of the vehicles who hit their loved ones are believed to have acted negligently or recklessly.

Dangers of medication overdose in Hawaii and elsewhere

At times, medical treatment falls below prescribed standards and results in the injury, illness or death of a patient due to the negligence or other professional error of medical staff. When someone entrusts his or care physical health to a doctor, nurse or other medical professional, there is always some risk involved. Hawaii patients will want to be aware and alert with regard to receiving medication in a hospital or nursing environment in an effort to prevent overdose. The Department of Public Health recently issued a penalty of $50,000 against a hospital in another state.

Hawaii car accidents: Cyclist seriously injured on Oahu

When a medical prognosis is uncertain and a patient's vital signs are abnormal with the potential for death imminent, a person is listed in critical condition. Victims of car accidents in Hawaii typically experience significant pain and suffering when gravely injured in vehicular tragedies. Police reported a collision that occurred on a local street in Nuuanu close to 8:30 p.m. on a recent Sunday night.

Hawaii residents should be alert for signs of doctor error

A patient undergoing surgery must place a certain amount of trust in the medical staff which will conduct the operation and provide for his or her care. Hawaii residents and others usually assume that safety precautions and careful measures will be taken in order to prevent doctor error and/or surgical mistakes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as was made evident in a recent patient incident in another state.

Hawaii nurses might make serious mistakes if fatigued

A good night's sleep is often said to be the key to good health and a well-functioning body. Some jobs, however, require a person to remain awake for extensive periods of time. Those who serve as nurses in Hawaii and elsewhere have jobs that fall into this category. An increasing concern has been voiced by some who feel that fatigue can lead to nursing negligence and potentially serious mistakes.

Defective products alleged due to food poisoning symptoms

A company which makes a protein powder distributed throughout the nation has ceased production due to claims of food poisoning suffered after consuming it. The alleged defective products have been circulating the consumer market since Nov. 2014. Hawaii residents might wish to investigate the current recall in case they are in possession of the product in question.