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June 2014 Archives

1 killed, 2 injured when semi collides with trailer in Kauai

Commercial truck drivers are supposed to be held to high safety standards and regularly tested because of the innate dangers of large vehicles travelling at high speeds. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers adhere to those standards, and other motorists often suffer injuries as a result.

Head-on collision on Hawaii highway leaves 4 injured

Kamehameha Highway crashes cause serious injuries and loss of life in Hawaii each year, and recently four people were injured in a head-on collision on the busy roadway. The two-car accident occurred near the Dole Plantation. A Jeep reportedly collided head-on with a sedan, sending two drivers and two passengers to a local trauma center. The accident occurred at approximately 7 p.m. on June 22.

Judge: Maximum sentence can't ease the pain of grieving family

Hit-and-run accidents often result in more serious injuries as the victim may have no one to turn to for medical assistance in the immediate aftermath of the collision. In these cases, otherwise survivable injuries can become fatal wounds, and hit-and-run victims or their survivors may need to explore legal options beyond criminal court to hold a wrongdoer fully accountable under the law.

Midwives not immune to malpractice

Many parents-to-be use midwives at home or in small birthing clinics so the birth process can take place in a more personal and intimate setting. What many parents don't realize is that birthing centers and midwives do not necessarily fall under the same oversight and regulations as hospitals. This does not mean they are a bad choice for everyone, but there are some deliveries that should take place in a hospital setting.

Military customer suffers injuries from Hawaii Burger King food

A former member of the military is preparing to take his personal injury case to trial in August, despite the fact that he must travel across country and ocean to do so. The man claims he was injured by a sandwich from Burger King when he was stationed in Hawaii.

Light sentence after Hawaii fatal accident, civil lawsuit pending

Being informed that your loved one has died at the hands of a drunk driver is news that no one should have to hear. For some families, seeing the drunk driver face consequences in the criminal justice system brings a small measure of comfort, but sometimes additional legal claims are necessary to achieve the full measure of justice.

Woman receives $12 million award in medical malpractice case

Surgery generally requires the participation of a group of medical professionals. Patients facing planned surgery usually ensure they have chosen the right surgeon, but they often give little thought to the others who will be in the operating room. Honolulu residents should know that understanding who will be assisting in surgical procedures may be critical. A woman entered the hospital for a routine hernia operation in 2008, but something went wrong during the operation. The woman's colon was punctured, and the doctor did not notice that an injury occurred and closed the patient’s incision. The woman subsequently developed a severe abdominal infection which led to septic shock and a heart attack. Her organs began to fail, and she lapsed into a coma for a month.

Drivers in Hawaii should know of latest recall from Ford

The massive recalls issued by General Motors have been in the headlines recently; however, other automotive manufacturers are also issuing recalls on vehicles. Hawaii residents who own vehicles manufactured by the Ford Motor Company might be interested in learning about these recalls so they can determine if their vehicles are among the affected models.