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March 2014 Archives

Woman in coma after oral surgery procedure gone awry

A 23-year old mother of three is reportedly in a coma with the support of a breathing machine at Maui Medical Center after a routine dental procedure gone awry. The woman reportedly failed to wake up after having her wisdom teeth removed.

NHTSA: Hawaii least likely state for fatal truck accidents to occur

According to a recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis, Hawaii is among the states where one is least likely to die in a collision with a large truck. Along with Rhode Island, trucks are involved in about 3.4 percent of fatal crashes, a fairly small number when compared to North Dakota, which topped the list with 20.2 percent.

After a serious crash in Hawaii, what options do victims have?

Last weekend, a three-car pileup in Nanakuli left one person dead and five others -- including a child -- injured. According to the Traffic Division of the Honolulu Police Department, one driver is responsible for causing the car accident. A police lieutenant said that the driver crossed the center line, crashing head-on with another vehicle.

U.S. pedestrian deaths appear to have declined last year

The recent rise in pedestrian deaths from traffic accidents had been troubling. In spite of generally good news regarding motor vehicle deaths in the last five years, and with traffic deaths reaching record lows not seen since the 1940s, the number of pedestrian deaths had increased during the most recent years.

Older drivers not more dangerous

A potential concern for highway safety, both in Hawaii and across the U.S. is the aging of the baby boom. As the demographic bubble of the baby boomers moves from middle-aged to senior status, the risk of car accidents potentially increases. And that risk threatens both their safety and that of other drivers.