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December 2013 Archives

Medical negligence, but whose?

Hospitals in the U.S. are the envy of much of the world. Billions of dollars are spent every year acquiring and upgrading technology in hospitals. These devices range from million dollar MRIs to thermometers costing a couple of dollars. And while the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires clinical tests for drugs before they are approved for general medical use, medical devices need no such testing.

A ghost of Christmas yet to come?

As we have discussed previously, the days around the Christmas holiday have been found, in at least one study, to be the most dangerous of the Thanksgiving to New Year's Day period. Now, CNN spreads more good cheer with a report that Christmas Day carries the greatest chance of death of any single day during the year.

Swing-door dangers: the elevator industry's best kept secret

Swing-door elevators are not a new invention. They have been around for years. While once more common in the commercial realm, the use of these elevators in residential homes has recently grown in popularity. Whether it is to have a unique feature or based on need, a lot of homeowners now have these elevators.

Beware the crazy shoppers, drivers in the next week

December is always a busy month. From year-end concerns at work, to the various holidays and their ancillary activities, everyone is busy. And for Americans, busy means driving, whether racing to children's events at school, holiday parties or the ubiquitous driving from store to store in search of gifts of all shapes and sizes.

Distracted driving killing more bicyclists and pedestrians

We have made genuine progress in reducing fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents. In the last few decades, the number of deaths has fallen from more than 50,000 to the low to mid 30,000 range. This has been the result of many factors, from better-designed cars with crumple zones, seat belts, air bags and improved tires, to aggressive drunk driving prevention programs and safer roads.

A class to help stop distracted driving

We all know how dangerous distracted driving is; we have all witnessed egregious driving behavior by drivers here in Honolulu, where it was clear the driver was not paying attention to their driving and was more likely than not, distracted by texting or some other activity involving a cellphone.

A danger all drivers face

The tragic death of Paul Walker last weekend while riding as a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT driven by his friend, who was a racecar driver, highlights one danger every driver faces every day. Overconfidence.