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November 2013 Archives

Long wait for the bus? Longer wait for seat belts on buses

Tour and sightseeing buses are a common sight in Honolulu and on Oahu, ferrying tourists about the island to see Hawaii's signature attractions. Large motor coaches carry thousands of passengers every day on the island, but one thing they don't carry is seat belts. The risk to riders has been long recognized, but industry opposition had made time stand still for 45 years.

No one likes a tattler, especially doctors

What does a doctor do when they walk into their Honolulu clinic and see a patient who has suffered medical malpractice at the hands of one of their fellow doctors? If they are like physicians in a recent report from The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) they may clean up the mistake, but often they do not report the medical error.

Dangerous road conditions contribute to Honolulu bus crash

Elementary school students on their way from Kapolei Elementary School to the Judiciary building had quite the traumatic field trip earlier this month. The 40 first grade students were on a school bus when a Jeep Cherokee slammed into their bus. The woman driving the SUV had been trying to avoid the remains of a blown-out tire on the H1 freeway, but her maneuver sent her into a bus. While one could argue that dangerous road conditions caused this accident, that may not be the whole story.

A $4 billion pain in the hip for Johnson & Johnson

Hip pain can be excruciating. A failing hip can greatly inhibit the ability of a person to manage their day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, hip joints receive a great deal of wear, which is one reason why 400,000 Americans have them replaced every year. In the last decade, many of those hip implants were metal-on-metal. But patients and doctors began to notice problems with these hip implants.

A missed diagnosis or a misdiagnosis

People are funny about doctors. For all the money we spend on healthcare in the United States and in Hawaii, most people really do not like scheduling an appointment to see a doctor. Of course, this can cause problems. You may have a condition or have contracted some illness, and you may not even realize it. Moreover, you do not want to have a missed opportunity for a diagnosis turn into a misdiagnosis.

An appalling truck accident

Technology is always a double-edged sword. It both provides more protection from some dangers, while offering numerous opportunities for increasing risks. Trucking companies have various types of technology to make their operations more efficient, safer and more profitable.

Do we need another type of distracted driving?

Hawaii is known for its incredible scenery on Oahu, from the towering heights of the Pali to the iconic image of Waikiki Beach with Diamondhead in the background. Many people travel to Honolulu simply to take photos of the breathtaking scenery that makes up the island.