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September 2013 Archives

NTSB chair argues for zero highway fatalities

In Hawaii, as most place in the U.S., traffic fatalities are taken as something of a given. Consider, last year more than 30,000 people died in motor vehicle accident in the U.S. There were the usual comments that we should "do more" to reduce these deaths and that these fatalities extract a high price across the American economy, and there is much nodding in agreement.

Backup camera regulations postponed for what reason?

Few accidents involving a motor vehicle in Hawaii can be more tragic than the case of a parent backing over their child in a driveway and leaving the child severely injured or, as happens far too often, dead. One would imagine that if there were an easy fix that could prevent many of these unnecessary deaths, it would be rapidly implemented as an essential safety item on all motor vehicles. One would, sadly, be wrong.

15 patients may have been exposed to deadly brain disease

Every surgery carries a risk. When you consent to allow a doctor to cut into your skin and perform some procedure involving your internal organs, there is a potential for risk, ranging from that of a minor infection to something life threatening. Few patients, here in Hawaii, or in New England, where this story originated, expect they risk being exposed to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) during a surgery.

A new meaning to Ladies Night?

In the bars and restaurants of Honolulu, you may see tables where there are no men. Women have become more comfortable having a girlfriend's night out, and leaving their men behind. This may be but one sign of women's changing role in society. Women, also work more, and may feel the need to stop after work for a quick drink.

Don't let a motorcycle car accident ruin your ride

Honolulu and Oahu make a great location for motorcycle riding. Whether a lifelong resident of the island or one of the thousands of tourists who visit Hawaii every month, taking a cycle out around the island is one of the best ways to experience the unique places and vistas only Hawaii can offer.

JSK treatment helps spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries have been one area where modern, Western medicine can be of only limited assistance. Traumatic injuries to the spinal cord, like the shock that occurs during the rapid deceleration and violent shaking of a car accident or the neck injuries that result from a diving accident in the waters of Hawaii or a Honolulu pool, are too overwhelming. The damage is so great, that the spinal cord is like the nursery rhyme's Humpty Dumpty, in that it just cannot be put back together again.

Popular yogurt manufacturer recalls moldy products

Over the last few years, greek yogurt has become very popular. Citing health benefits, people believe greek yogurt is a great alternative to more traditional varieties of yogurt. Not long ago, however, a popular yogurt manufacturer recalled several products for unappetizing and potentially unhealthy reasons. Chobani announced that some of its yogurt had become contaminated with mold.

Dangerous loads on the highway

Ever followed a truck on the winding roads here in Hawaii and thought to yourself, "That load does not look all that secure." You often see precarious loads of building materials, landscaping materials or in many cases, you cannot really tell what it is, but it does not look safe.

Hospital caused infections cost billions

The old saying goes that if you are sick, the one place to avoid is the hospital, received some empirical support recently from a report issued by the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine. The study found that infections developed by patents during their hospital stays required an additional $9.8 billion in medical care.