Hitting a cow while driving is no joke

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2013 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents |

The ways in which you can be injured or killed while driving a car or truck never fail to amaze. This story comes from a long way from Hawaii, but is the sort of truck accident that could occur anywhere. Four people were killed in Tennessee when a cow wandered on to Interstate 40. The cow was struck by a semitrailer truck, which then crossed the median and hit another semi truck and a SUV. The driver and a passenger in the truck that hit the cow were both killed.

The driver of the SUV and her passenger were also killed in the truck accident and another passenger was injured. The truck accident closed I-40 for hours as police investigated the accident and removed the damaged vehicles. This accident highlights the danger posed by livestock on the highways. This case is remarkable, because interstate highways are fenced and livestock would never be permitted to graze uncontrolled across them.

The death of the two men in the semi truck also points out the extreme risk posed by striking a large animal like a cow. Even the great size on a large truck could not protect them in this kind of a collision.

The owner of the cow could be liable for damages in this crash if he or she was negligent in controlling the cow and allowing it access to the highway. News reports indicated the owner had not been found.

And it should serve as a reminder that anytime you are driving in rural areas where this is an open range, you should exercise additional caution. A car accident with a cow can cost you your life.

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