Moped, motorcycle collision ends with deadly results on Honolulu

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The Hawaiian Islands are a place made for motorcycles and mopeds. The laid back island atmosphere, winding roads and perpetually beautiful weather makes it the perfect spot to ride on a two-wheel vehicle in the open air — something that tourists and residents alike take advantage of. It might be the perfect place to ride the vehicles, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that deadly results can occur when someone isn’t paying attention.

Fatal injuries are being investigated this week by the Honolulu Police after a motorcycle and a moped collided on the Kalanianaole Highway. Thus far, officers have released limited data about the accident that occurred on Sunday, June 2.

According to the officers, the driver of the moped was a 36-year-old male tourist. He had been traveling along the highway when he crossed the center line and struck the motorcycle that was operated by a military serviceman and carrying a woman who was also a visitor to the Islands. The head-on collision ended the life of the moped rider and left the two cyclists in critical condition.

Tourists are less familiar with the island — something that the officers believe may have contributed to the crash. The officers also suspected that the driver of the moped was distracted at the time of the crash, but that fact has not been confirmed. A helmet was also found at the scene, but police could not determine who may have been wearing it if at all.

Whether a party is a tourist or a resident, if they were negligent in causing the injury or death of another driver, they may be held accountable for their actions. There are personal injury attorneys on the islands who can help.

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