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May 2013 Archives

I-5 bridge collapse: Is a bridge you drive next?

The collapse of a section the I-5 bridge over the Skagit River, a few hour north of Seattle, highlights, yet again the dangerous condition of much of the nations transport infrastructure. Through sheer random dumb luck, no one was killed when the span of the bridge collapsed, sending two vehicle into the river below.

SUVs cause death to passenger car occupants in head-on crashes

In motor vehicle crashes involving SUVs and passenger cars, occupants in the passenger car are more likely to die, no matter how well rated their vehicle is in the government’s safety ratings. The problem lies in part in the tests used to determine the ratings and in the design of SUVs. The study from the University of Buffalo looked at 15 years of federal highway fatality data involving head on crashes.

Did distracted surgery cause your injuries during surgery?

Most people have heard of distracted driving, where activities like eating, using a cell phone, texting or changing radio stations can cause a loss of focus and result in car accidents. A recent study from the University of Kentucky Medical Center examined the type of distractions surgeons commonly experience to determine what the effect was on performance during surgery.

NTSB wants to lower drunk driving BAC

For more than a decade, the legal standard used to determine if you are driving drunk has been a 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Of course, your impairment is not subject to such fine graduations. Some drivers may become impaired at lower levels and it is not as if at 0.07 BAC, you are perfectly sober and at 0.08 BAC, you become a sloppy drunk.

Bicyclist runs red light, struck and killed by van in Hawaii

A deadly bicycle-motor vehicle accident that happened in Lahaina recently provides a good reminder about the need for everyone to follow the rules of the road and share the road properly. In this case, it appears that the bicyclist could be at fault for the car accident

Hawaii recognizes that driving with a pet can cause an accident

Readers may not realize it, but Hawaii law prevents people from driving with their pet sitting on their lap. The purpose of this law is to reduce the number of car accidents caused by drivers distracted by a dog, cat or other animal causing a distraction. Pets often demand their humans' attention and do not understand that a car accident could result.