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Hawaii car accidents: Young girl dies after being hit by SUV

Parking lots often contain a mixture of vehicles and pedestrians -- especially when the lot is located outside an apartment complex, which may involve young children playing nearby. Many drivers pay close attention when driving through similar areas, hoping to avoid pedestrian-related car accidents. Unfortunately, a 3-year-old girl has died after she was recently hit by a sports utility vehicle in a Hawaii parking lot.

Hawaii car accidents: Retired firefighter killed on Oahu

Many individuals find it difficult to respond to a vehicle that crosses into oncoming traffic. Similar car accidents are often severe and have the potential to cause serious injury to anyone involved, or worse. A recent collision in Hawaii left two people hospitalized and killed another after a van crossed into oncoming traffic.

Hawaii car accidents: Tow truck operator critically injured

Tow truck drivers often face many dangers while out in the field. With many cars being stranded on congested roadsides, they are often forced to operate in close proximity to traffic. Sadly, quite a few car accidents involve roadside workers who are seriously injured, or worse. A 25-year-old man has suffered critical injuries after a recent accident in Hawaii under similar circumstances.

First pedestrian death of the year in Hawaii car accidents

Crosswalks are intended to allow pedestrians to cross streets in areas of traffic. The safety of these individuals is sometimes dependent on the awareness of nearby drivers. Many car accidents involving pedestrians end in serious injury and in some cases, death. A woman has died after a recent accident when she was run over by a tour bus in Hawaii.

Car accidents involving pedestrians often end with serious injury

Many drivers attempt to be mindful of surrounding vehicles when out on the road. This type of awareness may decrease the possibility of a collision with another vehicle, but there are other areas that require attention. Many people in Hawaii choose walking as a means of travel, and the result can be catastrophic is a driver fails to notice them. Many car accidents involving pedestrians result in serious injury and, in some cases, death.

Friends often remember happier times after fatal car accidents

Those who knew a particular young woman in Hawaii have been sharing memories of her talents as a stand-up paddling champion in the area. Sadly, those memories have been offered alongside their sorrow and mourning after the woman's unexpected, tragic death. It is not uncommon for loved ones and friends to share stories of deceased victims' lives after car accidents, and many believe that doing so helps the grieving process.

Where those injured in car accidents can seek support

Along with oceanic beauty and scenic highways, Hawaii is also home to many motor vehicle collisions every year. While some car accidents are very minor, others involve major impacts, serious vehicle damage and catastrophic injuries to one or more persons. Families suffering in the aftermaths of such accidents may reach out for support in any number of ways.

Speed plus sharp curves often equal car accidents

Most motorists in Hawaii and throughout the nation understand that navigating sharp curves requires skill and caution behind the wheel. Those who speed often cause car accidents when their vehicles cross over the center lines of traffic while rounding bends. This appears to have been the case in a tragedy that occurred on a recent Friday evening in the South Kona region.

Reckless drivers often do these things

Many motorists in Hawaii have had the misfortune of sharing the road with unsafe drivers. From speeding to failing to stop at red lights, making unsafe lane changes and other dangerous maneuvers, reckless drivers are highway menaces who often cause serious motor vehicle collisions. All too many accident fatalities are later found to have been entirely preventable were it not for drivers acting wantonly behind their wheels.

Were you injured in a car accident during your Hawaiian vacation?

Hawaii is a dream vacation destination. The sun, the ocean and the captivating music and dance bring families from all over the world to the Aloha State. Unfortunately, getting injured in a car accident while in Honolulu can turn your holiday into a nightmare.