Tips for safely using a roundabout

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Roundabouts got their start in the 1960s in the United Kingdom. However, roundabouts are increasingly popular in Hawaii because they are generally safer for both vehicles and pedestrians.

However, their relative newness can make you feel unsure when you approach these tight circles. Therefore, these are some roundabout safety tips.

Obey the signs

If you enter a one-lane roundabout, you will follow the single lane to your exit. However, if you enter a multi-lane roundabout, the rules are a bit different. For example, you may have to enter using a specific lane depending on which way you plan to turn or which exit you need to take. In most cases, the right lane will turn right, the left lane will turn left and a sign will designate which lane you take to go straight. Choose your lane and do not change lanes inside the roundabout.


As you enter the roundabout, you should look carefully for pedestrians and cyclists. Yield to pedestrians trying to cross. Also, you should yield to the vehicles that are already in the roundabout.

Proceed slowly

A few feet prior to a roundabout, you should see a speed limit sign and a notice that a roundabout is ahead. Reduce your speed to improve your safety and the safety of others in the area. However, do not stop after you enter the roundabout.

Follow traffic and drive counterclockwise. Keep driving if you miss your turn until you reach it again or take a later turn and turn around. Then, reenter the roundabout and drive to your correct exit.

Roundabouts are safer than traditional intersections and traffic signals, and they improve traffic flow because they move in one direction around a relatively tight circle, so proceed cautiously.