3 common injuries in construction sites

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No matter what your role at the job, if you work in construction you should not ignore the potential for injuries. Each year fatal accidents lead to deaths in Hawaii.

Awareness of common injuries in construction sites helps you preemptively reduce the risk for yourself and others working there.

1. Getting struck by an object

Construction sites often involve work done on multiple levels, including up on scaffolding or other elevated surfaces. This is why getting hit by an object, either from having it dropped on you from above or launched towards you from different areas on site is a consistent concern. Wearing proper protective equipment helps keep you and others from experiencing severe injury from falling or airborne objects.

2. Getting caught or stuck in a dangerous area

The powerful equipment paired with large items moving around in construction sites creates the risk of people getting stuck or pinched in dangerous areas. Being pulled into machinery or caught in an area where heavy items could crush you leads to life-threatening consequences.

3. Slipping or falling

While they might not sound serious at first, falling or slipping can cause severe injuries. In construction sites, climbing on ladders or other equipment creates the potential for serious falls from great heights. Additionally, uneven or cluttered surfaces on the ground create tripping hazards.

While construction sites can cause severe injuries, they are avoidable through proper preparation and education of employees. Whether you work on a construction site or manage those who do, prioritizing safety helps avoid serious accidents.