3 most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in Hawaii

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

As with any state, Hawaii has its share of automobile accidents. With its high population density, the island has a fair amount of drivers.

Add in the steady stream of visitors (over 10 million in 2019 from ship and air travel according to the 2019 Annual Visitor Research Report) and the traffic only goes up. Both residents of and visitors to the state are more likely to become involved in an accident because of certain causes than others.

1. Violating the speed limit

Speeding is a top cause of auto accidents. Exceeding the speed limit makes it more difficult to stop the car in time to avoid colliding with other vehicles or pedestrians.

2. Driving while intoxicated

Alcohol and drugs reduce decision-making ability and reaction time. Visitors especially may find it tempting to drive while impaired by one or the other or both because of the relaxation effect, but it increases the danger for everyone on the road.

3. Not giving full attention to the road

Distracted driving is common, in large part because actions that distract drivers may be small and seemingly insignificant until a wreck actually occurs. People are aware that texting and speaking on the phone come with risks. However, they may not realize that something as small as changing the radio station is also dangerous. Looking away from the road for a single second, even if just to pick up a drink or glance at the time, is as well.

Both Hawaii residents and visitors are vulnerable to vehicular accidents. By obeying the rules of the road and practicing safe, focused driving, individuals may avoid common causes of wrecks and stay safe.