Pedestrian safety tips for exploring Hawaii

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Hawaii is a dream destination for many travelers and a home to the extended families of many individuals on the mainland. However, as beautiful as it is, it can pose just as much of a hazard as any other tropical vacation spot.

It is important to understand how to stay safe while traveling through the islands. This way, one can maximize their enjoyment of all Hawaii has to offer while minimizing risks.

Risk of mosquito bites

The Hawaiian government hosts an official site in which visitors can peruse safety tips and ways to stay safe while traveling through the islands. They have many general and useful pieces of information, including tips for potentially unexpected dangers like mosquitos.

Most people will spend a lot of time outdoors while in Hawaii. Of course, this means they will likely encounter mosquitos as they journey through the islands. Mosquitos carry many potentially dangerous or even deadly diseases like dengue fever, chikungunya and Zika. EPA-registered insect repellent containing up to 30 percent DEET can help. Apply around sunrise or sunset, when mosquitos are most active.

Traffic safety on a crowded island

As far as pedestrian safety regarding traffic, it is important for all visitors to familiarize themselves with the rules of the roads on the island. The Hawaiian Department of Transportation provided a Walk Wise Hawaii program in multiple languages aimed to help pedestrians avoid dangerous situations. This includes the distribution of free reflective bands, focusing on the use of crosswalks, and ways to remain mindful and aware of surrounding traffic in any location.