3 insurance policies to consider before renting a car on vacation

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When you and your family are planning a trip to Hawaii, the first item on your agenda might be to rent a car as soon as you arrive. The rental company will offer coverage for your time with their vehicle, but this may not be your best option.

Your own coverage included with your auto insurance policy and credit card could be cheaper and perfectly adequate for your vacation needs. Consider upgrading your personal insurance coverage with a few necessary policies while planning your dream vacation.

Comprehensive coverage

Statistics from the Insurance Information Institute show that over 70% of drivers purchase collision insurance, but adding comprehensive coverage will provide additional protection to your rental vehicle. Under a comprehensive policy, you receive coverage for damage resulting from incidents not relating to a vehicle collision. This includes harmful weather, environmental damage and even vandalism.

Personal liability

Your personal liability policy will cover the costs of damage that you cause while operating the rental car. Property damage and personal injury are both examples of incidents that this policy covers.

Personal injury protection

Injuries that you and other passengers in your rental car incur are under the coverage of a personal injury policy. A personal injury protection plan works to alleviate the costs of expensive medical bills after an accident.

Moving vehicle accidents can be a cause of catastrophic injuries. The last thing you want is to return from a vacation with costly damages to pay. If you file an insurance claim following a life-changing injury while operating a rental car, an attorney can advocate for your right to compensation.