Safety on the water will preserve your vacation memories

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It is no wonder that you, like many vacationers from all around the globe, might believe Hawaii is paradise. With the magnificent mountain vistas, stunning beach settings and the most welcoming residents, Hawaii is the dream vacation location.

It is important to be cautious when enjoying the islands, however, so that your trip to Hawaii does not end up being paradise lost. Often, visitors want to try new water sports experiences while in Hawaii. Sometimes those adventures can have catastrophic results.

Remember the rules of maritime safety

Perhaps you are a seasoned sailor, well acquainted with navigational rights and the operation of watercraft. Remember, though, other vacationers on the water may not have your expertise and may blunder into an aquatic accident. Here are some key rules to remember:

  • The vessel must have a lifejacket for every passenger
  • The captain must possess thorough operational knowledge of the craft
  • The captain must know the maritime rules of navigation
  • The route and destination must be clear before embarking
  • The weather must be suitable
  • The number of passengers for the craft must not exceed the craft’s established limit

Remember you must report all water accidents

State law in Hawaii requires reporting every watercraft accident in which there is a loss of life, an injury requiring more than first aid or damage to a vessel equal to $2000 or more. The report is due within 48 hours.

Remembering to put safety first leads to happy recollections of Hawaii

Every successful vacation has three chapters: anticipation, participation and sweet memories. Staying safe on the water will ensure your vacation remembrances are blissful ones.