What are Hawaii’s most dangerous roads?

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Driving around the island is a dangerous prospect for locals and tourists alike. Those unfamiliar with Hawaiin weather and terrain may find themselves entangled in serious accidents.

Some roadways in Hawaii are more dangerous to traverse than others. However, having a basic understanding of the elements that make it difficult may help avoid them. Discover some of the most treacherous roadways in the Aloha State.

What increases roadway mishaps?

Traffic is not unique to Hawaii, but it does contribute to accident rates. The number of tourists swells those out on the street. People often travel to Hawaii and clog unfamiliar roadways. Combining this unfamiliarity with steep inclines and switchbacks creates a recipe for disastrous crashes. The lack of guardrails and low visibility contributes to the danger, especially when it rains. High speeds and impairment behind the wheel round out the top reasons why roadway safety is a concern.

What are the most dangerous roads in Hawaii?

While any road at any time may become risky to traverse, there are some that are more prone to host crashes. Some of these include:

  • Route 200: With narrow lanes, thick fog, challenging terrain and single-driver bridges, Route 200 is a harrowing road to take.
  • Pali Highway: Oahu hosts one of the scariest roads in the world in Pali Highway, also known as Highway 16. Poor GPS coverage means getting lost is easy along this steep and rugged path prone to rock slides and heavy traffic.
  • Kamehameha Highway: Aside from the dangerous twists, drivers must deal with flooding, deteriorating road conditions and remote areas.

Use extra care when driving all roads in and out of the cities to avoid serious injury. A crash somewhere along the line may prove catastrophic.