When defective products make good parents feel helpless

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2017 | Product Liability |

What Hawaii parents wouldn’t be shocked and upset to find mold growing inside their infant’s teething toy? This is exactly what happened to a mother in another state, who also happens to be a pediatric dentist. She now believes defective products remain on the market that could pose serious health risks to children and their families.

The mother had given her daughter a Sophie Giraffe toy, which is imported to the United States from France. She said she was always especially careful to follow package instructions regarding cleaning the toy. Those instructions stated never to submerge the toy in water.

One day, when the mother was cleaning her daughter’s teething giraffe toy, she noticed an odd smell and decided to cut open the toy to look inside. She said she was aghast to see the inside of her child’s toy full of mold! Other parents have apparently had similar concerns with the same toy as negative customer reviews warning of such issues were posted online.

Defective products cause thousands of injuries and illnesses to children in Hawaii and throughout the nation every year. Any parent currently concerned with a particular issue may contact a personal injury attorney in the area to discuss the situation. It is possible to seek monetary judgment against any and all parties identified as potentially liable when a product promoted and sold for use by children results in bodily injury or health-related harm. A first logical step to take in the process is to retain the help of an experienced attorney.