Schools say defective products failed to perform as promised

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2016 | Product Liability |

A supposed high quality artificial turf is the center of controversy as recent lawsuits have been filed against its manufacturers, saying it has failed to perform as advertised. Numerous school systems outside Hawaii have purported manufacturers knowingly sold them defective products. They also say those deemed liable refused to live up to their guarantees.

In its marketing video, parent company Tarkett allegedly claims FieldTurf is a high-performance, high-quality, environmentally friendly, durable product that is well worth an investment. However, many of the lawsuits claim the turf was defective and wore out sooner than was guaranteed. Manufacturers reportedly guarantee the turf for eight to 10 years. One coach said the turf produced black crumbs on its surface and wore out too soon, both of which posed a hazard to athletes.

Purchasers also claim warranty agreements were breached when manufacturers refused to replace worn out turf. The schools say the fact that manufacturers filed a lawsuit concerning faulty fibers against a supplier in 2011 is evidence that they were aware of the defect, yet they continued to sell the turf. The various schools are apparently seeking $15.7 million in combined damages.

Any parent of a child who is injured by defective products on a sports field in Hawaii or elsewhere is able to pursue the matter in civil court by filing a personal injury claim. Since damages able to be listed in such claims vary, it is often best to seek guidance from an experienced attorney who can explain the process. A favorable outcome often hinges on skilled and aggressive litigation assistance.

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