Consumers say: Samsung washing machines defective products

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2016 | Product Liability |

Most Hawaii residents would not generally consider doing laundry a relatively high-risk activity for danger. However, there have apparently been severe injuries associated with use of Samsung top-loading washing machines. So many reports have been filed that Samsung has issued a major recall on the allegedly defective products.

The company is recalling at least three million of its top-loading machines. It appears the top part of the machine is at risk for breaking loose from the chassis during operation. This has been said to place consumers at high risk for impact injuries while using the machines.

At least 733 reports of machines not working properly have been filed. Many people have allegedly suffered injuries, including a broken jaw, injured shoulders and other bodily harm. Samsung is offering consumers three options in the major recall. A full refund is an option, as well as a rebate to purchase a new machine or a free in-home repair of an existing machine.

Whenever a consumer in Hawaii is injured through normal use of a purchased product, it may be grounds for filing a product liability claim against any party within the distribution chain deemed liable for the injury. Successful defective products claims often provide compensation for damages that can be used to pay medical bills or replace lost wages when a person is unable to work during recovery. Because there are usually several options regarding how best to present a claim in court, it is typically best to seek guidance from an experienced injury lawyer before taking action.

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